Bulk download emails, attachments and save

Mail Attachment Downloader lets you bulk download attachments,  bulk download emails and archive or save them as eml, pdf, docx, tiff and more.

Saving emails and email attachments has never been easier. We offer a FREE version available on our website and also a PRO version that has additional capabilities that the FREE version does not.

Mail Attachment Downloader is NOT dependent on any installed email client such as Outlook and can work independently on a server if need be.

The FREE version lets you bulk download email attachments. The PRO version lets you bulk download both email attachments and emails (in .eml format or .txt or .html formats or .pdf or .docx or a .tiff multipage image).

If you want to save emails and attachments into a SINGLE PDF, you can do so as described in this blog post.

Bulk download emails as .eml and save

We will explore how to set this up using the  Mail Attachment Downloader PRO version.

  • Create a new rule filter by going to the Global Filters tab and clicking on Add a new filter.
  • Type in the rule name for the new filter.
  • In the Save area, check the Save as .eml checkbox as shown

    Bulk download emails

This will bulk download emails as .eml files to the save folder.

In addition to the above, you can create many rules to only save certain .eml files like those that match a certain FROM email or a certain SUBJECT each out to different folders by creating a rule per save location.

Save emails and email attachments as PDF, DOCX or TIFF

If you want to have this .eml saved to a different format like PDF or DOCX or a multipage TIFF (the PRO Server supports over 50+ file formats), do the following:

  • In the Actions after save section, click on Add action -> Document conversion
  • Select the Document conversion entry if not already selected and click the Add conversion button

    convert to pdf
    archive emails
  • Select the From type as Any doc and the To type as PDF or TIFF or DOCX.

That’s it!

Now you have emails being saved to PDF or any other format as desired.

If you want only the .eml to be saved without the attachments, you can add a Filename filter and specify ‘.eml’ in the filter text box. This will only download the .eml’s without downloading the attachments separately.

If you want to save emails and attachments into a SINGLE PDF, you can do so as described in this blog post.

Automate bulk downloads

With the PRO Server version you can run the above setup 24×7 as a Windows Service and not have to worry about opening up the program every time you need to bulk download emails.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Contact us

Contact us if you have any questions, suggestions about the functionality described in this article.

Convert emails to PDF or TIFF including email attachments

Save emails as PDF or TIFF

It is really easy to save emails to PDF or convert email attachments to PDF with the Mail Attachment Downloader PRO and Mail Attachment Downloader PRO Server.

Converting document attachments to PDF or TIFF

  1. Create a new filter or edit an existing one in the Global Rule tab
  2. Under Actions, click Add action and choose  Document conversion. This will add a new action in the list to the left. Click on the Document conversion list item under After saving file. You will see the conversions that are configured on the right side. convert to pdf
  3. Add a new document conversion by clicking the ‘Add conversion‘ button.
  4. Pick the source format (From Type) and the destination format (To Type).  If you are using the PRO Server, then you can pick any format in the To. Otherwise, you will be limited to just PDF.
    convert to pdf
  5. Click OK

That’s it!

Now each document attachment (doc, docx, txt, html, rtf, eml etc.)  will be converted to PDF or TIFF or any To Type you selected above.

If you want to also save the email body in addition to the attachments as PDF or TIFF, check the Save as .eml checkbox in the rule and the document conversion action (from Doc -> PDF or TIFF) will also convert the .eml file to PDF or TIFF. The .eml extension is considered a document for conversion purposes.

If you want to convert other types such as cells (xlsx etc.), slides (ppt etc.) or images (jpgs etc), you can repeat Step-3 to add the different From’s if you would like.

This will save each attachment as a separate PDF or TIFF files. Further below we show how you can save emails and attachments as a single PDF. You can also save emails and attachments to a multi-page TIFF if required by following the same instructions except select tiff as the To type.

You may also choose to encrypt the PDF file by checking the ‘Encrypt PDF‘ checkbox if needed.

Save emails and attachments to a single PDF

To save emails and attachments as a single PDF, you will need the PRO Server version and the following setup:

  • Make sure Save as .eml is checked, this will save the email body.save as email
  • Ensure Document Conversion action is added and includes conversions from various types to PDF as shown below. Check the delete source files after conversion checkbox.Convert to PDF
  • The above will save the body and attachments all separately as PDF files. You can skip the next step if that’s all you want to do (save as separate files).
  • To merge them into a single PDF: Right click on Document Conversion and then add Merge PDF files action. Check the delete all source PDFs checkbox.

    Merge PDFs
    Merge PDFs

Now emails along with attachments will end up being a single PDF where the email is the first few pages and subsequent pages are the attachments rendered as PDFs.

Over 50+ Formats

If you get the Mail Attachment Downloader PRO Server version, you can use it to convert emails (.eml or .msg or .txt or .html) and email attachments (text, html, word, excel, powerpoint and more) to over 50+ formats (bmp, csv, dif, doc, docm, docx, dot, dotm, dotx, emf, epub, excel, flatopc, flatopcmacroenabled, flatopctemplate, flatopctemplatemacroenabled, html, htmlfixed, jpeg, mhtml, mobixml, odp, ods, odt, openxps, ott, pdf, pdfnotes, png, potm, potx, pps, ppsm, ppsx, ppt, pptm, pptx, ps, rtf, spreadsheetml, svg, swf, tabdelimited, tex, text, tiff, tiffnotes, wordml, xamlfixed, xamlflow, xamlflowpack, xlam, xlsb, xlsm, xlsx, xltm, xltx, xml, xps)!

You can use this to convert from the following popular formats:

  • DOCX to PDF, multi-page TIFF, PNG, JPEG, HTML and more
  • PDF to DOCX, multi-page TIFF, PNG, JPEG, HTML and more
  • CSV, XLSX to PDF, multi-page TIFF, PNG, JPEG, HTML and more
  • PPTX to PDF, multi-page TIFF, PNG, JPEG, HTML and more
  • EML to PDF, multi-page TIFF,  DOCX, PNG, JPEG, HTML and more
  • JPEG, BMP, TIFF, images to PDF, DOCX, HTML and more

Further reading

Some interesting how-to links and posts for further exploration:

Contact us

Contact us if you have any questions, suggestions about the functionality described in this article.