Customizing filenames or email data using fields

Mail Attachment Downloader PRO versions offers you flexible file naming and extraction capabilities. This post explores how you can use the fields helper to customize filenames and fields used within the program.

How to open the fields helper

Fields helper button next to many text fields in the Rule filter window

The little [i] button (see screenshot above) next to many text input fields offers you the capability to pop-up the fixed fields helper dialog.

Fields helper popup

Fixed fields are those that are built-in to the program (see screenshot below).

Fields helper pop-up

Customizing fields output

Most text fields are pretty straightforward and are self explanatory.

Some text fields offer you the ability to customize the output. Below you will find all such fields available in the fields helper.

  • ATTACHMENT_COUNT[‘.pdf’ OR ‘.xml’]
    You can specify the specific filename/extensions such as ‘.pdf’ OR ‘xml’ and include other extensions that you see fit. You can then use this in the rule to filter out emails that the rule applies to.
    Each of the date fields offers you the ability to customize the date format specified within square brackets []. Example: DATE[yyyy-MM-dd] will end up formatting the date part only excluding the hours minutes and seconds from the date. For a full reference of what you can specify within the square brackets see here.
    Email header field offers the ability to selectively pick out a certain email header field by specifying them inside the square bracket.

Examples of customization

Many email download actions such as the following: Save .csv metadata, Merge PDFs also support the ability to append to existing files if they exist.

Example-1: A running daily log of all attachments downloaded

So for example, if you wanted a running daily history of all files that were saved and the email metadata for those files in a csv, you can do so by clicking the Save .csv metadata action and then specifying the PROCESSED_DATE_LOCAL[yyyy-MM-dd] with the date field truncated to just the day will enable the action to append to the same file.

Example-2: Merging all PDF files and keep a running log for the day

Fields helper button next to many text fields in the Rule filter window

We hope that this post provides you an insight into more of the powerful functions enabled by the program.