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Mail Attachment Downloader PRO Server plugin SDK

The Server plugin SDK builds on top of the popular Mail Attachment Downloader PRO Server rules engine and includes APIs that allows IT to natively extend the functionality of the Mail Attachment Downloader PRO Server to integrate it with other LOB or cloud applications.

See Mail Attachment Downloader PRO Server for features offered within the product first. This SDK enables you to develop a plugin that will extend the functionality of the rules engine.

It provides an easy to use and powerful means of integrating email related tasks with your line of business (LOB) or cloud applications while hiding the rest of the complexity of the rules engine within the PRO Server.

The SDK license includes either 3 or 6 or Sitewide Server licenses depending on what you purchased that can then be used for deployment or development within your enterprise or business. This license is NOT an OEM license and does NOT allow for distribution outside of your enterprise. If you would like to purchase more licenses, please contact us.

Key Benefits

  • Tighter integration with LOB or cloud application
  • Reduce development costs
  • Reduce development time from months to days
  • Improve quality and reliability
  • Better track errors and exceptions
  • Reduced time to market
  • Reduced deployment cost and times

SDK installation

When you purchase the license with SDK, you are provided a link to download a ZIP file. The zip file includes an SDK folder that has a Help folder and a Sample project within. The Help includes SDK documentation that is also available online through this site (see below).

The Sample project builds to a 32-bit (x86) C# DLL called MailAttachmentDownloaderPlugin.dll that MUST be placed in the installation directory for the program. Note: the 32-bit build will require a 32-bit PRO Server. PRO Server can also be installed as a 64-bit binary from the license, in which case you will need to change the sample project to a 64-bit build to be compatible. This DLL is then dynamically loaded by the program at runtime.

Common uses

Mail Attachment Downloader Plugin API allows extending the processing rules and actions performed for emails or attachments. A common scenario for its use would be to integrate email with other LOB (line of business) applications or cloud applications.

  • Integrate with electronic document management systems
  • Integrate with invoicing or workflow software
  • Integrate with cloud-based solutions
  • Integrate with SAP or ERP offerings
  • and more...

SDK API Documentation

View the full documentation of the SDK API directly on our site.

The documentation is also provided below in a frame for reference.

Note that even though the documentation includes other languages in the documentation like VB, C++ and F#, this is not fully supported yet. We are currently only releasing support for managed C# based plugins. Contact us if you have any questions about this.

Plugin SDK Documentation

You may also view this documentation directly on the site instead of an embed.