Support for Microsoft authentication in Outlook-IMAP and Exchange

Microsoft last year announced that basic authentication will be discontinued in their products starting October 2020. This applies to both Office 365 and Exchange online accounts.

To cater to this, Build 1030 now introduces limited support for Microsoft based second factor authentication for cloud-based or hybrid environments. Google OAuth based authentication continues to be supported in existing builds.

This new build now includes support for modern authentication for these types of mail servers:

  • IMAP to Outlook/Live
  • Exchange (non on-prem deployments)
  • Google OAuth (support already exists in current builds)

Help us improve this feature – please contact if you face any issues with using this as we are still seeking input on how best to cater to hybrid mail server deployments.

Shown below is an example of a popup using Microsoft authentication. Note that this popup may also appear if you incorrectly type your password.

Initial popup asking for credentials in a browser popup.
Requests access for email access.

Once you have proceeded through the prompts you can click on Connect and Download to save the credentials. If you want to delete the account or the credentials you can click on the delete account button in the main program window.

For Exchange online or Office 365 accounts, we recommend going with the following default server settings.

Exchange online or Office 365 settings

There is a new checkbox in the settings above On-prem ONLY and we recommend leaving that unchecked. If you check that box, then there will be no popup requesting credentials.

That’s it!

Again, we encourage our users to contact if you have any feedback on authentication issues you may be having.