Upgrade Mail Attachment Downloader PRO editions to unlock new functionality

Did you know that newer builds of PRO Server and PRO Client have new functionality that you may not have? Upgrade now to get new functionality.

If you are on earlier builds, you may also see new actions or filters that might come in handy….

Filters enable you to specify when you want this rule to run.
Actions enable you to perform functions that take place after the filter matches.

Explore and familiarize yourself with new functionality in the following areas:

Global rules: Learn how to use global filters to route emails or attachments and take actions. For example, you can now copy/paste filters or actions inside a global rule. Or copy/paste a filter or an action from one rule to another.

Negative rules and nesting: If no attachment was downloaded, did you want to send an email? With negative rules this is possible.

Better troubleshooting: Want to know why a rule did not match an email or attachment? Enable rule tracing today and find out why.

Better extractions: Extractions now support .NET regular expressions in Search and Followed By fields for better flexibility.

Upgrade now to get new functionality such as the ones mentioned above and more.