Nested email actions: unzip, convert or decrypt PDF and run a script

Setup email actions such as unzipping an email attachment, converting the email attachment to pdf and running a script easily with Mail Attachment Downloader PRO Server.

This post will show you how to setup a rule to Unzip a file, then convert the unzipped .docx or decrypt a .pdf and then run a script.

In the Actions section, do the following:

  1. Select ‘After saving attachment‘ from the tree view on the left. Note that even though this says ‘After saving attachment‘, you can run actions on the body of the email as well which will be downloaded as an attachment when you click on the ‘Save email text’ checkbox.
  2. Click on Add button -> After saving attachment -> Unzip files and select any options as shown below. You can enter which specific files you want to unzip in the box which can also include wildcards or regular expressions. If you have multiple, separate each file or wildcard by a new line.automate email actions: unzip_files
  3. Select Unzip files from the tree view on the left. This is necessary to create a sub action under unzip files so every unzipped file runs the remaining action. You can also specify which files to unzip in the previous step. Now click on Add -> After saving attachment ->  Document conversion. Fill in the conversion details by clicking on the Add Conversion button. Note: You can also choose to decrypt the unzipped file if the source file was a PDF by providing the password to decrypt the file.automate email actions: madpro3_convert
  4. Select Document conversion from the tree view on the left. Then Add -> After saving attachment -> Run command line. Enter details to run a command line. In this case we are running a .bat file with the filename of the converted file – {FILENAMEEXT} in the screenshot below now represents the converted filename now from the previous step and not the original saved filename. automate email actions: madpro3_pda_runbat

That’s it.

If you have questions or need additional actions, please contact us and we can help assess feasibility.