Automate attachment download!

Automate processing of attachments in your business!

If you have partners, customers or vendors sending you documents as attachments (or multiple attachments) via mail or if you simply receive automated attachments (like from fax machines), you can setup Mail Attachment Downloader to download attachments by specifying a schedule.

With the PRO version you can automatically run a script when the download completes and pass the location of the file into the script as an argument. This will allow your IT to automatically do processing when attachments are received in the background.

Also, when a mail arrives Mail Attachment Downloader would notify you in the system tray that an attachment arrived via mail and will give you a count of attachments since you last checked.

Download and backup all your old important email attachments 

Backup all your old business email attachments to a folder. You can also save this to a cloud drive folder such that the attachments are automatically saved to the cloud.

Move to trash or any other mailbox folder

You can easily just move the email message after all attachments are downloaded to a corresponding trash folder on your server. Or you can move to other backup mailbox folder if need be.

Multiple email accounts

Process multiple accounts at once with the PRO

Does your business receive emails on multiple distinct email accounts? The free version cannot automatically download across multiple accounts but the PRO version adds this versatile feature.


If you are a business or commercial enterprise, the PRO version grants a commercial or a business use license.It also adds a lot of the additional automation capabilities mentioned on this page and much much more.

Mail Attachment Downloader PRO

Get notified


Auditing: Save CSV

You can save meta data about the attachments you saved for auditing purposes as a CSV of the attachment name.

What is saved in the .CSV is totally configurable and can include most email header fields like the from, to, cc, subject, date and more.

Auditing with the PRO

Run a script

You can run a script after downloading attachments to take further action on processing attachments for your business.

You can pass the name and location of the file that was just saved to the script to take action. You can use this to potentially kick off backend automation or additional auditting tasks of your choice.

Run a script with the PRO