Mail Attachment Downloader v2.4

Download all your email attachments in a snap with one click!

Easily search, download and process attachments with simple setup. Does not require or depend on any other email client to be installed and it works with most email service providers out of the box.

  • Fast attachment downloads
  • Flex file name formatting and save options
  • Advanced features with the PRO versions
  • Simple search setup
  • No additional software needed
  • Windows service with the PRO Server

The PRO and PRO Server versions offer commercial or business use license, support for multiple account global rule filters, post-download actions and add many more unique features not available in the free version.

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v2.4 build 821
(Windows 7 or greater, .NET 3.5)

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To uninstall, uninstall the program via the Windows Control Panel.
This free version is for personal, non-commercial use only.

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Mail Attachment Downloader can download your attachments from any standard IMAP (preferred) or POP3 capable mail server.

This includes popular web mail providers like the following:


With search filters, finding and downloading just the attachments you need just got easier.

You can search in the mail headers like from, to or even the body, you can search by file type like movies or documents or even search by email size being greater than a specified value.

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Will this affect my email?

When downloading your attachments, Mail Attachment Downloader will leave all your mail on your server as is and will not mark it as read.

It will not interfere with any other programs you use today to download your mail.  


Defaults to TLS to connect to popular mail servers and passwords are always securely stored in the Windows Credentials Manager, never stored or logged elsewhere.

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Business or commercial use?

The FREE version is for personal use only.

The PRO version grants a commercial or a business use license and adds many versatile features not available in the free version.

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CNET Editor Quote

"With just a few clicks, you're able to set the app to create a new folder for each person who has sent you attachments and then download them based on size, file type, email address, date range, and text in the email."

Softonic Review Quote

"Mail Attachment Downloader is simple, quick and does what it says on the tin."

How To / FAQ

Downloading attachments is simple. Just enter your email address, your password, set your search preferences and then click the connect and download button.

If your email address ends with one of the popular mail service providers the program will automatically fill the mail server details for you or if not you can enter connection information in the mail server tab.

How To / FAQ

Mail attachment processor

Mail Attachment Downloader can be configured to automatically download attachments either daily, hourly or a custom delay you specify to automatically download attachments.

You can now automate and audit mail attachment processing for your business by purchasing the PRO version that includes several additional features to enable this including the ability to simultaneously download from multiple email accounts.

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