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IEmailProcessingAfterProcessingEmail Method
This is invoked after processing emails including any configured post download action. This is invoked only once for every email. Any processing must be idempotent.

This function may be invoked from multiple threads simultaneously for different emails for parallel processing.

public void AfterProcessingEmail(string account, string uniqueID, List<string> processedFiles, MailMessage message)
    Console.WriteLine("Processed email: " + message.Subject);

Namespace: MailAttachmentDownloaderPluginAPI
Assembly: MailAttachmentDownloaderPluginAPI (in MailAttachmentDownloaderPluginAPI.dll) Version: (
void AfterProcessingEmail(
	string account,
	string uniqueID,
	List<string> processedFiles,
	MailMessage message


Type: SystemString
The email account that is being used to download this attachment.
Type: SystemString
The uniqueID for the email.
Type: System.Collections.GenericListString
This includes the list of all processed files (fully qualified including the path) for this email. This includes not only the attachments but also documents that were converted, for example.
Type: System.Net.MailMailMessage
The email message.
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